Once upon a time…

During her childhood, Amina remembers tip-toeing to see what new concoction was brewing on the kitchen stove. The women in her family held ancient knowledge passed down from generation to generation on how to cure physical and mental illnesses with Mother Earth’s wonders. Using plants, flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables, these women would heal their family and their community one natural remedy at a time.

Once an adult, Amina decided to further her knowledge in holistic modalities by obtaining a Masters of Science in Dance/Movement Therapy and an Aromatherapy Certification. Amina truly believes that the body holds the power to heal itself with Mother Earth acting as a liaison.


a.ka. “Loving Kindness” is an Aromatherapy product line selling body creams and lip balms infused with essential oils. Each ingredient is 100% organic, all-natural and fair-trade purchased from companies who are eco-friendly and practice sustainability.

METTA welcomes you to experience the natural wonders your body and Mother Earth want to share with you. Your healing journey should be 100% supported and treated with peace, love, and kindness.

As Mother Earth’s medicine is used, we must say “thank you”and give back. Such is the law if reciprocity. Percentage of proceeds are donated to the Sierra Club - a non profit organization promoting clean air, safe water and wildlife conservation.

Custom-made Aromatherapy products are available upon request.




Right before entering this Earth’s time, Amina and the DIVINE were sipping dirty soy chai lattes among the starry night sky. She asked if she may be reborn as an artist - more specifically a dancer - to communicate the language of the soul (#MarthaGrahm). Her wish was granted.

Amina has professionally trained and performed in various dance styles including African, Ballet, Contemporary, Street-Jazz and currently focuses on Aerial. She holds a B.A. in Dance and has taught and choreographed Lyra, Pole and Silks for her student’s performances and competitions. Amina is available for hire in Aerial private instruction and entertainment.